Shedd Aquarium in Chicago Is Doing The Lords Work

I mean, today has been fucking depressing to say the least. Tom Brady has left us, the end of this god damn pandemic is nowhere in sight, and again, Tom Brady left us. Tom Brady fucking left. I’m so mad. BUT. The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is giving me hope.

Shedd Aquarium is doing the fucking Lord’s work. True blue American heroes up in this bitch!! Keeping it up with wholesome and adorable content while the rest of the world spins out of control minute by minute.

Let’s start off with the best one: they’re letting their penguins roam around the fucking aquarium!!!!! These two lil love birds, Edward and Annie, could not be any fucking cuter honestly. They’re inseparable cuz it’s mating szn and they’re just walking around, catching the sights. These penguins have a better dating life than I do!!! Love in The Time Of Corona has a little bit of hope!

First off, his name is WELLINGTON!? It doesn’t get much better than this folks. He’s ADORABLE! And he’s so excited to be free and roaming and finding new friends. Penguins in the Amazon? Sign me the FUCK up. Look at his lil wings go! He’s so excited oh my goodness gracious. Wellington will be the glimmer of hope this country needs.

Ummmmm, happy fucking birthday Yam!!!! I wish my life was as good and happy as Yam’s was on this day. He’s got not a care in the world, just gunna eat his birthday cake and live a long and beautiful life. Yam is everything I aspire to be honestly. #Goals


Back to the penguins. Truly all I care about right now. They’re so dapper! I’m glad that SOMEONE can celebrate one of my all-time favorite holidays, even if they don’t actually know what’s going on. I mean, look at that bow tie, that’s just STELLAR. Wow, 12/10. Keep up the good work Shedd. Look out for more blogs about these penguins because your girl is IN LOVE.

In the meantime, voting is open for the Middle School BANGERZ Bracket, make sure you vote in this round, the next round will be up this Friday, March 20th! The more people that vote, the more fun it is! And please for the love of God share the voting link!! It really helps me out and makes it more fun – I’m trying not to sound desperate but like… please. Pretty please with a cherry on top! Love you all.

Vote here. 

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