JoJo is honestly begging you to stay the fu** inside!!!

This whole social distancing thing only fucking works if everyone does it, and Jojo knows that. Jojo, an absolute icon, took to Tik Tok and posted a remix, rewritten cover of her own song Leave (Get Out) to try and convince some of the fucking IDIOTS to just stay in their fucking houses.

It’s day 4? Day 5? Of people actually taking social distancing seriously and for some reason there are still the people out there, the absolutely selfish crackheads, that are partying and on spring break, and pretending everything’s fine when it’s truly just not fine. Jojo is sick of you’re fucking shit!! Do it for humanity you god damn imbeciles! Idc if you get corona, but if my grandparents or my sweet 90 year old neighbor Doris get it because you couldn’t sit inside for a couple weeks, I will throw fucking HANDS.

Jojo, along with a huge mass of people, understand that if we all actually do this social distancing thing, and we all limit our interactions, it will go away. But if Chad and Becky from Apple Delta Pie Nu keep partying in Florida and staying on Spring Break we’re all gunna fucking be stuck in our houses all summer, and I swear to fucking God if I can’t celebrate my birthday Memorial Day weekend I will fucking RIOT. Just like Jojo, I too am deadass.

Also, on a different note, can we talk about Jojo’s voice? I mean WOW. Girl’s got pipes. The way she hits that ‘minimum‘ wow, doesn’t get much better than that. I knew she could sing, but for her to be singing to an iPhone camera, acapella, just out of the blue!? I mean come onnnnnn, the girl can sing!! Fuck all these celebrities singing John Lennon, I’ll be over here listening to Jojo.

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