Middle School BANGERZ: Round 2

Middle School Bangerz Bracket.png

Round 2 is live and ready to be voted in!!!

There were some pretty big upsets in this round, which is mostly due to the fact that I seeded these based on my opinion and no one else’s, so I might actually be the only one upset over here. I also realized I fucked up the seeding (for the fourth time in a row), which is resulting in high seeds going up against each other in this second round… Could I fix it, yeah? Am I going to? No.

I have a bone to pick with some of yall. How in the FUCK did you ley Replay by Iyaz beat Damaged by Danity Kane?! Have you ever heard Damaged by Danity Kane!? Please fucking listen to this song in its entirety and tell me this isn’t one of the best songs ever produced!

I am also very upset about the lack of support for Best Love Song ever by T-Pain and Chris Brown. I know, I know, we don’t support Chris Brown in this house, but T-Pain puts out some absolute bangers, and Best Love Song is one of them. Also, this music video is so god damn hysterical, it’s so early 2000s it HURTS. The Danity Kane video and the Best Love Song Ever video are really just great summaries for how music was back in the day.

You can listen to Damaged and Best Love Song Ever in my playlist – Middle School BANGERZ – if you’re a normal person and use Spotify at least, not sorry to all my Apple Music and Tidal users. Yes, I know someone who uses Tidal, she got a free trial and then really liked it and kept it, I chose to ignore it.

Vote here!

Voting will be open until March 25th, and round 3, the Sweet Sixteen, will be up to vote for on March 26th.

Make sure you’re voting and feel free to share the link and the bracket on Insta or twitter and tag me!! Biracialbooty on Insta, and Biracial_booty on Twitter! It really helps me out the more you guys share any links to my blog, the more people reading the better.

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4 thoughts on “Middle School BANGERZ: Round 2

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