Let Us Be Reminded of How Pure Niall Horan Is During These Trying Times

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t full blown in love with Niall Horan right now. I’ve been in love with this little Irish loser since fucking 2010. Back in my One Direction days, I was a Niall girl all the fucking way. He’s currently my apple watch background and I’m currently in a deep deep DEEP youtube hole of Niall Horan videos.

This lil Irish man is made of pure fucking joy. Sunshine and rainbows, and absolute wholesome goodness. I need everyone to pause their Harry Styles love fest for 30 seconds so they can appreciate my boy Niall over here. You can love both, I certainly do, but Niall is just so UGH perfect!? In all honesty, I cried today watching a video of him singing Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa. Cried. Full blown tears. Quarantine has got me crazy.

Guys, I don’t think you fucking understand how much I love this boy. Like it’s actually painful how much I’m in love with a CELEBRITY STRANGER. Ten years of my life I’ve been in love with this kid. Since I was 13 years old. From blonde to brunette.

Image result for niall horan 16

Look at him, so smol, so young, so adorable, so pure!

Image result for niall horan 2020

Now he’s an adult and he’s just so god damn hot and still cute and adorable and pure. I want to throw myself into a burning building. I feel like I just shot myself back to 13 years old when I spent all of my free time on Tumblr blogging about One Direction. This blog is spiraling out of control.

TLDR: I’m obsessed with Niall Horan and you should be too. Listen to Heartbreak Weather on whatever music app you use. Thnx.

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