The Best Cups In My House

Quarantine has got everyone going crazy… I’m taking a page from Feitelberg’s book and ranking my favorite cups in my house. I mean, there’s a right and wrong answer to the best cups are someone’s house and I’m going to tell you about the best ones in my house.


My family of five (5) has lived in the same house for 25 years… We’ve accumulated a lot of cups. This isn’t even all of them! We have a whole separate location for fancy cups, cups with straws, water bottles, and mason jars. Yes, we use mason jars, I’ll get to that later.

5. Patriots Glass


Obviously, a Patriots cup had to make it onto this list. The only reason this cup is in the last place spot is because I only like drinking soda out of it and we never have soda in our house so the usability is low for this one. But all around it’s a FANTASTIC glass. We had 2, but I shattered one the other day… My b. It’s also not the first time a patriots cup has been in my top 5 cups. We used to have this absolutely giant plastic mug that was from the first Super Bowl win, and there was nothing better than filling that sucker up with some cold water and just gulping it down as if I hadn’t drank water in days. Still a little mad at my mom for getting rid of it…

4. M Stemless wine glass


I’m not a huge fan of stemless wine glasses, something about them feels odd, but we don’t have any normal wine glasses in my house because my mom likes stemless. Also, all of the wine glasses are literally hers. We have M, several Mary Anne’s, monogrammed ones, a Patriots one with her name on it… They’re legit all hers. But they’re still great. They’re huge. It’s like two glasses of wine in one! Which is why it’s on this list. Just a great glass due to how ginormous it is. I actively ignore the M on it.

3. Giant Santa Mug


It is about to become abundantly clear that the key quality I look for in a good cup is size. I like them BIG. Huge if you will. And this mug is HUGE. It’s not some wimpy ass tea cup or mug, it’s a monstrosity. I got this in a secret Santa my senior year of High School and it’s been my go to mug ever since. Holds the perfect amount of coco, coffee, or tea. Just a STELLAR showing from this mug. I use it year round, it’s not just limited to the Christmas season.

2. Large Mason Jar


Mason jars are associated with southerners and weird quirky restaurants, but I fucks with them so hard. Fill this bad boy up with some ice and then your beverage of choice (it’s always coffee, lemonade, or water for me) and pop a metal straw in – WOW. Again, this thing is HUGE, so you can really pack it with ice and still get enough liquid in it to satisfy yourself without having to refill it a million and 7 times. Don’t knock it till you try it ladies and gents.

1. Red sparkly Starbucks cup


For one, this thing is so god damn pretty!!!! Like just look at that! I. LOVE. SEQUINS. I’m using this cup as we speak – vanilla coffee creamer and iced coffee babbyyyyyyyy. It’s the perfect size for an iced coffee and the ice doesn’t melt immediately which is nice. It’s not a hydroflask by any means, it doesn’t keep it cold forever, but it keeps it cold long enough for me to not be drinking a watery iced coffee. Do I forget to bring this to Starbucks when I go literally every day? Absolutely. But is it beside my bed at all points in time? Fuck yeah it is.

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