I Pulled A Brittney Spears Circa 2007

I did exactly what you think I did. If you follow me on Twitter you’ve already seen it, but if not: I’ve shaved my head.


Queue the applause. 

This is in fact a LOOK. Category is Avatar the Last Airbender. 

Requests are closed — Girls complimenting the Avatar's hair.

Contrary to popular belief though, this wasn’t a mental health issue. I’m fine, I promise. Well, I’m not 100% fine, but I’m trying my best. I was just so over my hair. Because hairdressers and Sallys Beauty aren’t deemed essential businesses (rude) my hair has had a mind of it’s own for the past couple weeks. I had originally planned to cut and dye my hair this past week before I went to LA, but that was before the social distancing thing and stay at home orders hit their peak. I didn’t go to LA and I didn’t get a haircut. And I didn’t have enough bleach to bleach my whole head the way I wanted to. So I did the only logical thing I could and I shaved it all off. I mean, that’s normal right?

I’ve been trying to find the Tik Tok sound that’s that guy from Buzzfeed Unsolved saying “Hair can be this” all fucking day, so if you find it, send it the fuck over please and thank you. But in all honesty, what’s the worst thing that could’ve happened? I looked bad with a bald head? HA, never. I’m fucking stunning which is a shock to absolutely no one! Social distancing has made me humble.

For those wondering, my mom actually liked it I think? I don’t think she liked the blonde so this was a step up from that. My dad asked if I was trying to be him, which just means I’m probably going to have to recreate a bunch of pictures of my dad because now I look even more like him. I just need to grow about 8 inches and get a mustache. Or I need to recreate my baby pictures because I was bald as FUCK for the first year or 2 of my life. I’m no stranger to being a bald cutie.

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