I’m Pro Carole Baskins. Deal With It.

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens!

Everyone keeps shitting on Carole Baskins for feeding her husband to tigers. And you know what, I will not stand for it anymore. She 100% fed her husband to tigers BUT he probably fucking deserved it.

Should we praise a potential murderer? No. Should we praise a woman who killed a creepy ass rich man and took all his money? Absofuckinglutely.

Now before you start thinking I’m crazy and calling me the fuck out, just know this is an anti murder blog. Big time against murder. No me gusta murder and stuff (shout out to the two people on the planet earth that will get that inside joke from 6th grade – sorry guys, IYKYK). 

ANYWAYS. Back to my bitch Carole.

She’s an absolute fucking psycho, but you know what, so was her god damn husband. He picked her up on the side of the road when she was nineteen (19!!!!!) and then proceeded to woo her, have an affair with her, and eventually marry her. How old was good ole Don Lewis when he met Carole you may ask? FORTY (40). Well maybe 41, I can’t remember, but he was in fact, in his FORTIES. And you know what, that’s fucking CREEPY. We don’t like murderers OR creeps over at Biracial Booty. And Don Lewis is a certified creep. And he was a rich creep, so I don’t really blame Carole for feeding him to Tigers, he probably deserved it.

Again, and I cannot emphasize this enough, big time anti murder. 

It’s like a Robin Hood type situation, just fucking murder the rich and keep their money for yourself. You’ve got to respect it just a TAD. Like a teensy weensy little bit. Quarantine has got my brain in a bit of a twist, I may be going off the rails, unsure.

While we’re on the topic of how we perceive Tiger King characters: Joe Exotic, is also a fucking creep and should for sure be hated. He basically tricked not one, not two, but THREE, poor, sad, drug addict straight men to marry him. And it resulted in one of their deaths, AND then he tried to kill someone. SO. He sucks too. Everyone in this show sucks. We can’t root for anyone, except maybe Carole for getting her coin. The End. Thanks for listening. I promise I’m not crazy. I think at least.

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