Happy Easter, nothing matters anymore

It’s Easter Sunday, but like does that even mean anything right now??? Easter isn’t a top holiday by any means, at least not in my house, and especially not in the middle of a pandemic. I ate my turkey dinner (at lunch time because that’s how the Thompson’s roll), and also FUCK ham. Ham sucks, terrible meat, debatably the worst if we’re being honest. I took a fat ass nap, and now my family is watching Schitts creek. Honestly feels like a normal ass day to me. Does this blog make any sense? Not one bit. And I’m in the middle of a food coma? Probably.

We’re four weeks deep into quarantine and honestly I’m going a little bat shit crazy. I miss my friends, I miss starbucks, I miss the bar, I miss getting car sick on the way to the bars, I miss Chili’s, I miss my nail tech, I miss my dance studio, god I miss the outside world. Is it still out there? Who fucking knows???? We’re living in a weird limbo right now that makes me want to die. And let me tell you, the longer this lasts, the more crazy I’m gunna go. I’ve slipped back into my One Direction phase already, and shaved my head, I’m not entirely sure what the next couple weeks will hold.

But I’ll be here, blogging away, even if some of them suck. I promise I’ll write a good one tomorrow. In all honesty, I’m sitting on the couch rn incredibly tired and kinda hungover from the bottle of Pinot Grigio I took down last night, and I just do not want to get my computer upstairs in my room. But tomorrow, tomorrow there will be something good. I’m not sure what, but it’ll be fantastic, get ready for it folks, get ready!!!

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