Ladies, Is A Guy Ordering Dessert and An App on A First Date a Deal Breaker?

first dates and desert

There’s always some weird, insanely misogynistic shit on twitter, and this latest tweet is taking the cake. This girl says that men ordering desserts or appetizers on the first date, or just in general, is a red flag for her. FOR HER! For HER. The emphasis man… Ladies, is it too feminine for your man to order food? I wasn’t aware spinach dip was sassy… You know what’s a red flag for ME, thinking shit like this.

When I first saw this I genuinely assumed it was a joke. I mean, who doesn’t want a date that suggests dessert? Assuming the date is going well, bring on the fucking cheesecake, two spoons, please! And don’t even get me started on appetizers. If we are at a restaurant where appetizers are an option, I want one. I don’t care what the hell the situation is, I fucking want nachos, or mozz sticks, an onion ring tower, or chips and salsa. If anything, a man that says a firm no to appetizers is a red flag. If you don’t want to pregame our meal, I don’t want you.

I truly don’t understand how in the year of our lord 2020 people can sit here and think like this. How on earth can someone think that a man ordering spinach dip is SASSY? Fellas, is it gay to order cheesy deliciousness????? Men eat meals according to this girl, so what the fuck do women eat? Fucking snacks all day? Are full meals too much for our dainty little mouths to handle? This girl is 100% the type of girl that refuses to order anything other than a salad on first dates so she seems healthy and feminine. FUCK THAT. Give me spinach dip, a fat ass burger, AND dessert. If a guy can’t handle that, then they can’t handle me. End of story.

I want it on the record, if it is not abundantly clear, that I am pro appetizer. This is a pro appetizer blog and I will not stand for any anti appetizer dialogue. And I will also not stand for misogynistic dialogue. Get the damn dessert and get the damn spinach dip. Thank you and GOOD NIGHT.

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