I miss going out :/

At this point, I think everyone misses going out. But for some reason today hit me extra hard how much I miss getting ready, pregaming, and going out in Boston. It’s a weekend ritual!

I even miss the bad parts about going out. Spending too much money on ubers, having to hide away from creepy guys, getting car sick in the uber on the way to the bar, arguing with my friends over where to actually go out. I miss it ALL. I miss being freezing because I decided not to wear a jacket because it didn’t go with my outfit. I miss the feeling of wanting to die after your friend buys you a shot. God fucking damn it, I just want to go out again!

Tonight I actually got completely ready just to feel alive again. Full face of makeup, cute outfit, and heels. I don’t wear heels out, but you I wanted to feel some pain I guess? I even put on jeans! For the first time in several weeks, I wore jeans. I feel alive again. But also kind of empty? This is fucking nuts. I just want everything to go back to normal so I can party with my girls and have photoshoots in my friend’s basement.

Stay the fuck inside so I can rage at Coogan’s off of $5 vodka sodas!!!!!

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