Why did I commit to writing blogs on the weekend too???

The grind never stops over here at biracial booty… even though my track record of incredibly shitty Sunday night blogs written from my phone don’t scream “grind.” But hey, what do you know about my work ethic?

I spent my day making (and fucking up) chocolate chip cookies, painting my brother a birthday present, making a playlist of my favorite one direction songs, and binging Sex and The City. Real jam packed Sunday up in here. Not a single moment for my brain to work properly and think about the pandemic or quarantine or disease and death for almost a full 24 hours. there’s still time to panic about all of this before we go to sleep ladies!!!!

Long story, longer: I’m not sure why I committed to writing blogs EVERY day, including the weekends, but it’s one of the only things I’ve done every single day in quarantine. The only other thing is make my bed. Not sure why that ones sticking with me, but it’s somehow keeping me a tad more sane.

See y’all tomorrow with a much better topic, thanks for listening to my rambles per usual !

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