I’m personally offended by this tweet about girls with noserings

Obviously, I have a nose ring, I’ve had it since my junior year of college. And let me tell you, I’m offended! How dare you use my nose piercing to make it seem like I am easily influenced by others and a whore! I’ll have you know I was easily influenced by others well before I got a nose ring. I’m not a whore though. Well at least in the literal sense of the word, I do not in fact sell myself for sex. I do occasionally dress like one, but that’s a choice. Also, who cares if a girl is a whore, you do you, girl, get your coin!

I’m kind of impulsive, but not in a typical way I like to think. It’s just once I get an idea in my head, I have to get it done right that second or else I’ll never do it. All of my piercings and tattoos were day of decisions, I dyed my hair blonde on my lunch break, and I shaved my head the second I figured out where my dad kept his clippers. On top of this, if other people give me these ideas, I’m even more into them. Senior year my friend Maryanne convinced me to dye my hair blue on a whim while I was hungover on a Friday afternoon. Maryanne is the Batman to my Robin when it comes to bad decisions. As much as people can get me to do things, Maryanne can quite literally get me to do anything. I’m not sure what it is, but the second she says something to me I’m all in. Maybe that’s because of my nose ring, maybe that’s because Maryanne has been hypnotizing me since the day I met her, who knows.


If any one dares to tell me I look like a prostitute because of my nose ring I’ll probably slap you across the face, or at least mentally slap you across the face. Not sure what that tells you about me, but let me tell you Carlos Del Valle, I’m not doing anything wrong and I also don’t feel any shame for my cute as shit nose piercing (even if it looks like a booger sometimes).

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