Carrie Bradshaw: Worst Main Character Ever??

The short answer is yes, but obviously, I’m going to provide you with a well thought out and researched blog. HA. Well thought out, you thought.

Carrie Bradshaw: Fashion Icon, Terrible Person. 

Carrie Bradshaw may live my dream life, getting paid to write about love and dating, and buying any pair of shoes her heart desires all while living in a beautiful rent controlled apartment on the Upper East Side. Not that I like New York, but give me Carrie’s apartment for $750 a month and I’m fucking SOLD. But even if she has the ideal life, she has a less than ideal personality. She fucking sucks. She might just be the most hateable main character in the history of television.

There are plenty of hateable characters, but most of them are supposed to be hated, the writers of Sex and the City wanted us to feel bad for Carrie, to respect and appreciate her. But every time I watch I find myself hating her more and more every time. She’s a shitty friend and an even shittier girlfriend.

We’re supposed to feel bad for her after she spends half a season having an affair with her married ex-boyfriend because she loses her current boyfriend AND the ex. There’s an entire episode written to make the viewer feel bad for Carrie because said ex-boyfriends current wife hates her. Of course, she hates Carrie, I hate Carrie and Carrie didn’t have an affair with my husband! It’s Fucking ridiculous. Every time I get to the episode where she cheats on Aidan for the first time I get pissed off all over again. Not to mention when Carrie basically begs Aidan to get back with her after all of this happens. Just because you ran into him and HIS bar, does not mean you are entitled to get him back! God, she’s so unbearable.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg too! She also get’s into a fight with Charlotte because Charlotte doesn’t offer her $10,000 for the down payment to purchase her apartment from Aidan – after she breaks up with Aidan because she realizes she doesn’t want to marry him and he still can’t trust her due to that fact that she had an affair the last time they were together. $10k! Miranda and Samantha offer the money, but Charlotte doesn’t because she doesn’t think she should be responsible for Carrie’s financial problems. That’s the mother fucking tea! I too am an avid shopper and spender of money, but at the end of the day, if my lack of a savings account stood in the way of me having a place to live, I would never ask my friends for the money, let alone get mad at them when they didn’t offer me the money. Especially when the amount of money I need is $30,000 to buy back my apartment from my now ex fiance that I had previously cheated on and told I could not marry. Can you tell I’m held up on Carrie and Aidan’s relationship??

Carrie spends all of her time complaining about her life instead of listening to her friends problems. Stanford calls her out one episode for talking about Aidan (they had broken up at this point) all day and not once asking him about his new boyfriend. That’s just so incredibly shitty! She’s always going on and on and never lets her friends get a word in edgewise. Bad girlfriend, bad friend, bad tv character.

Does my hatred for Carrie Bradshaw stop me from watching Sex and the City? Absolutely not. I watch because I strive to be Miranda or Samantha, and I appreciate Charlotte more than words can describe. Also, Aidan is a dream boat, and I’m straight up in love with Steve. If I could pick one of the many, many, many, men that appear in the series, Steve Brady has my name written all over him. God, I fucking love him so much. They make up for my hatred of Carrie. And Carries outfits, the good ones at least, make me hate her a smidge less. The bad ones just make me hate her more though…

12 Crop Top Lessons From Carrie Bradshaw | Vogue

That outfit should be illegal… A belt not on pants, bad. A polka dot belt with a striped skirt, bad. I actually don’t mind the top half, but the belt makes me want to punch her in the face. To top it off, this episode is Carrie freaking out about not wanting to marry Aidan. Aidan, the perfect guy who shouldn’t have taken her back in the first place, let alone asked her to marry him!!

There’s a million more reasons to hate Carrie, but if you don’t hate her after these points, you might be a Carrie yourself… Hate to break it to ya, but Carrie is NOT the character you want to emulate. Miranda or Samantha however… I strive to be a Samantha but I know full well I’m a hopeless romantic Charlotte. We’ll keep trying though. Updates to come.

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