How Do You Get Guy To Text You Back?

If you clicked this blog because you thought I would be giving you some sort of sound advice on getting a guy to text you back, you’d be wrong. I’m not entirely sure what about me made you think that I could give any sort of dating advice, this isn’t a blog you come to for dating advice, it’s more so a cry for help. Now before some of you get fucking dramatic, this isn’t shade, calm yourself.

I’m fucking serious, how do you get a guy to text you in general, let alone just straight up text you back???? I’m not even the kind of girl that’s afraid to text first, but it’s incredibly aggravating when you know that if you don’t text first they aren’t going to text you at all. It’s 2020, I know you’re on your phone! There’s so many guys I’ve talked to and we could have fabulous conversations, but if I didn’t text them first, they would never text me ever, why is this! Is this a me problem? A general guy problem?

I sent a snap of me writing this blog to my friends and all of them related insanely well, so I guess it’s not completely a me problem. It’s actually kind of concerning??? One of them said they need real advice not a cry for help, well I’m sorry Rach, I don’t have any real advice. If I had any real advice I wouldn’t be single right now.

Sometimes I feel crazy doing some of the shit I do in an attempt to subliminally get guys to talk to me. Thirst traps, posts on social media that I know they would appreciate, cute Snapchats, etc. Even straight up complaining to a guy about how he’s a terrible texter didn’t work! SAD!

If you have any real advice on how to get a guy to text me back, I would love to hear it. I desperately need it, clearly… If you’re a guy that hasn’t text me back, please take this opportunity to do just that.

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