I Forgot How Funny The End of Crazy Stupid Love Is

We all know I’m a slut for a good rom com, and I on a gloomy rainy day like today, what better time to watch one? I popped on Crazy Stupid Love, and I truly forgot how fucking hilarious the ending is when all the characters get together for the first time.

We start with Jessica’s parents finding the god damn printed nudes she took to give to Cal. Which, can I just say, her mom handles that in the absolute worst way possible? You can’t just blindly hand your husband a bunch of naked pictures of your 17 year old daughter while he’s watching TV. That is something that needs to be warned! To be prefaced! Also, bad things always happen to kids whos mom still puts away their laundry for them. It just opens up a the door to snooping and Jessica was a grown person of her own she would do her own laundry and her mom would have never found her nudes. BUT, that wouldn’t have made for a good movie ending would it have?

Then we throw in Jacob and Cal realizing that Jacob is dating Cal’s daughter. Which is just the perfect plot twist honestly. Cinematic genius, truly. All while Hannah’s mom is fucking blindfolded and doesn’t know what’s going on. Everyone is lost and fumbling around and it’s only made funnier by Jessica’s dad coming out of fucking nowhere and tackling Cal.

You start to think that this scene couldn’t possibly get funnier! But the thing everyone can get behind is hating the same person: enter David However You Say His Last Name who is part of the reason for Cal’s divorce. All the guys ganging up on him is fucking hysterical.

Also, can we talk about how fucking annoying Cal is for being so judgemental to Jacob??? He gets pissed off because this womanizer is dating his daughter, however, this same womanizer was teaching him how to become a fucking womanizer. This is why I hate men. The shit they do is always fine until it happens to a woman they know personally, then it’s bad. HELLOOO. It’s bad 100% of the time, you can’t pick and choose which women you would like to objectify and which women get objectified. Shut the fuck up Cal. Sorry, needed to rant about that briefly.

If you haven’t watched this movie recently, I highly recommend it. It’s on HBO, for free I’m pretty sure. It said it was free without a subscription, but I also have a subscription so I’m not entirely sure how that works. Watch all the Rom Coms this quarantine, folks. We need some sort of joy in our lives.

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