Zayn Malik Is Having A Baby???

TMZ said Gigi Hadid was FIVE months pregnant, so I’m rolling with it. They’re not the best source, but they’re also not the worst. They’ve broken some pretty big shit, so I’m choosing to believe them this time.

How on earth do I currently live in a world where 3/5 members of One Direction have/will have children??? That may sound not so weird, but when you remember Liam, Louis, and Zayn are only 26, 28, and 27 respectively it’s weird. I mean, those are 100% acceptable ages to be a parent, but as a 23, almost 24 year old, my mind can simple not wrap around the fact that a) they are not that much older than me and b) band members I thirsted over when I was 13 have children. That simply does not compute. I mean WTF!

Back to the news at hand… Zayn and Gigi’s kid is going to have the strongest cheekbones mankind has ever fucking seen. I don’t think the world is prepared for the bone structure that this kid is going to have. They are about to get blessed with genes from two of the most beautiful people on the planet. Their dad is a former boy band super star, and still a musical genius, their mom is an international super model? Talk about big shoes to fill!

I’m so hype to meet this baby. Virtually of course. Not like I will ever get the change to meet this kid in person, but who knows. Congrats to them, congrats to the world honestly. We need more Malik genes out there.

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