Remember That Worst Bumble Bio Ever?? He’s 29 years old.

I was scrolling through Bumble, trying to find a blog to write, and I came across a very sexy man, so I swiped right. We matched, WAHOO! But then, I went and clicked his profile to find something to message him about and he is the owner of the worst fucking Bumble bio ever that I wrote about the other day. I swiped left the first time without looking at his pictures, and this time I swiped right without looking at his bio.

Should I be concerned that Bumble is recycling people within 2 days???

He’s hot, I’ll give him that. The kind of sexy black man that you see in movies. But the fact that his bio is this, makes me want to scream.


And to top it off he’s TWENTY FUCKING NINE. 29. Almost 30 years old. That is a grown ass man putting his snapchat and #CallHerDaddy in his Bumble bio. I just… I can take this shit from 23 year olds, but I absolutely cannot take it from 29 year olds. I’ve long said that men under the age of 25 don’t deserve rights, but do men at all deserve rights??? This man is exhibit A. He very much could be a lovely, perfectly fine human being. But first impressions is the name of the game on dating apps, and he soiled it. Twice. Even though the second time was a second impression I guess… At least this man has his looks. I can’t even begin to explain how hot he is. Seriously. It’s making me consider messaging him. But then he might read this blog, and the other blog, and the relationship would be doomed, so I shall not.

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