I’m Closer to Being Old Than I Am To Young *Screams*

My friend was watching 13 Going On 30 when she made the shocking revelation that we are WAY closer to 30 than we are 13. Queue screaming. 

I’ve never really been someone who freaks out about my age or getting older, I’m the baby of most of my friends, so I always get to watch them get older and turn out okay. But the fact that I’m about to be 6 years away from 30 shook me to my core. I mean, 30 is full on adult. I should probably have my shit together by then… And not writing about freaking out from my twin size bed in my parent’s house. I don’t think I’ll be doing this when I’m 30, but I need to make sure I’m not.

30 feels so incredibly far away, but 6 years isn’t even that long? Like yes it’s long, but 6 years ago was only my junior year of high school, which feels like a milisecond ago. I was learning how to drive, trying to make it from lacrosse games to dance practice. Stressing out over AP US History and Honors Pre Calc. Trying not to drop my phone in the toilet for a third time… I had big time problems back them! Fast forward to now and not a single one of those things matters. Well, not dropping my phone in the toilet is still a big time priority. Can’t have that happen, iPhones don’t grow on trees. I’m also still always stressed about making it to dance on time, I guess that much hasn’t changed?

My point is, I’m growing up and it’s scary. I’m slowly gaining my own responsibilities. Applying for apartment leases. Trying to save money for a car and big vacations. Trying to find a boyfriend. Worrying about work and those responsibilities. Student loans. A global fucking pandemic…

23 was a great year for me, up until this whole pandemic thing. But 10/12 months arent too bad. 24 will be happening in quarantine, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a good year. I’ll have myself a zoom birthday party, hopefully get an apartment with some of my best friends, continuing working at a job I really love, and so much more that I can’t even begin to guess. Maybe I don’t need to freak out about getting older? I, too, am watching 13 going on 30, and while I do not want to skip the rest of my 20s, I can really fuck with a beautiful apartment, a job at a magazine, and a sexy hockey playing boyfriend… Doesn’t seem all that bad if you ask me! Sans the weird time travel of course. This blog was for nothing. Well, actually, it wasn’t for nothing. It made me realize I don’t need to freak out! So that’s a win in my book. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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