Do Girls Like Bad Boys Because We Know What We’re Getting????

This has 0 scientific or psychological backing, but I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. Girls LOVE a bad boy. The bad boy with a heart of gold is a classic TV and  movie trope, and lends itself to some of the most lovable characters. Shawn Hunter, I’m talking about you.

But why do we love bad boys so much? I think a lot of the reasoning is to “fix” them because lord knows we love to fix things, especially boys. But what if we like them because when they break our hearts we can easily blame it them. They were supposed to break our hearts, they’re not nice. They’re fuckboys. They don’t do relationships, they don’t do monogamy. Whereas nice guys, when they fuck up, it’s out of nowhere.

This might not actually be news to anyone else, but it seems groundbreaking to me. Girls hate nice guys because they’re never actually nice! Nice guys are the original SIMPS, they’re only being nice to you because they want sex or something else in return. But fuckboys and douchebags and badboys? They’re not nice. Which means we know they aren’t lying to us.

Bad boys are dangerous in the best sorts of ways because it ends in one of two ways. The expected is they break your heart. The unexpected, best case scenario is they don’t break your heart and you change them into a sweet and caring guy just for you. A dream??? Perhaps.

No fucking clue why I’ve been thinking about this lately, but why do I think about anything honestly? Do you agree? Am I being dumb? Let me know your thoughts.

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