Catching The Ick

Unfortunately, this isn’t a term that I have coined. I’m gonna throw that one over to Ellie Schnitt from Schnitt talk. But it is a term I’ve been using a lot lately with my friends because it is ever so fucking relevant.

Basically, The Ick is that moment when you start to hate every single thing that a guy does after you’ve been previously very much into them. It’s the moment you start to realize that maybe their jokes weren’t actually funny and instead were wicked fucking mean? Every single time they try to talk to you, you just get annoyed and grossed out. Occasionally resulting in getting grossed out with yourself for liking them in the first place. You might not have had a name for this, but I know all my ladies have felt this at least once in their life.

Whether you’ve been with a guy for too long, or they’re genuinely just a dick and you’re finally taking off the rose-colored glasses, The Ick is the unfortunate reality that a lot of girls have to deal with. When the guy is just a straight up dick, it’s really easy to end whatever type of relationship there is. You realize what you thought was cutesy flirting was actually just mean jokes. Or they only ever talked to you when they wanted something, and it’s easy to blame them on why you’re breaking it off.

But when he’s actually a nice person, and you’re just over it, it’s hard to break it off. But you know what, who fucking cares. As long as you’re not a dick about it, there’s no point in being with someone if you don’t like them. And it’s incredibly unfair to that person too. So drop them, in a nice way pwease.

If you’ve caught The Ick, you know how terrible it is, but it’s also fucking hysterical. Sending your friends screenshots of some guys text with a simple “ugh” is fucking cathartic. Or making fun of a horrible and mean joke he said to you that you’ve just now realized was incredibly fucked up, and turning it into your own inside joke, fucking beautiful. Take trash men and turn it into content babbyyyyy. It’s very clearly my favorite thing to do.

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