I need to live inside of The Watermelon Sugar video

To put it quite frankly, I’ve been horny for summer, and this video did not help in the slightest. Its good vibes, sugary sweet watermelon, and bikinis are all I want to ever think about for the rest of time. And throw in the fact that Harry Styles looks fucking amazing in it and I kind of just want to die. I’ve peaked in the moments I spent watching that video, because in the current quarantine conditions, I won’t be able to live out my dream hot girl summer, but watching this video came damn near close to fulfilling that need.

Eternal summer, Harry Styles, fresh watermelon, cool sunglasses? What more could you ask for from life.

This video is also so incredibly sexual and it concerns me. I’m not concerned about the sexual content, but more so how turned on I am by it. I shouldn’t be turned on by Harry Styles touching a piece of fruit. Yet here we fucking are. Never in my life have I even thought about being a piece of fruit, but now I can’t stop thinking about it. That watermelon has been graced by god with the touch of Harry Styles, and its something that it can hold over me for the rest of my foreseeable life. I just pray that one day I’ll get to feel what that piece of watermelon felt…

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