Sunday Ramble IV: MDW and Also A Book Review

It’s Memorial Day Weekend in quarantine and life has never been so bleak and so sunny at the same time??? Friday was 80 and scorching but I couldn’t even do anything other than sweat on my backporch because of corona, so that was a bummer. But nice weather is very much welcomed after the insane trash of a spring we had in New England… I mean it was COLD and raining for weeks. Depressing. But at least I have a couple days off work to sit around and do absolutely nothing? God life sucks right now doesn’t it?

In other news, I started a new book and it feels VERY promising. Ya’ll know I’m a big slut for rom coms, they’re my favorite movie genre. But they’re also my favorite book genre. My ideal book is in the romance section at Barnes and Noble but doesn’t have a sexy shirtless man or Fabio look alike on the cover. They’re legit rom coms in book form and they’re fantastic. I read one recently called Not The Girl You Marry by Andie Christopher, and LOVED it. It’s basically just How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days but role reversal. It’s not super creative plot wise, but it was really good. And the main girl is biracial, so chalk that up as a win!! I started the sequel, Not That Kind of Guy, the other day and so far so great! Not a rip of of a classic as far as I can tell, but still great. The main guy is Japanese and sounds hot as FUCK and the main girl is a fucking bad ass lawyer so that’s a WIN. Read it, it’s good. Thanks.

I have something big coming so so so so so soon, I cannot wait to tell you all! Thanks and happy memorial day weekend!!!

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