No one asked, but according to Jerry49964568, I’d look better in a thong bikini.

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 6.14.51 PM

Thank you oh so much, Jerry 49964568 for your riveting input on my bikini bottoms. God I just hate men. First, of fucking all, I didn’t fucking ask. I’m not sure why men think they just have the right to comment about women’s bodies, even when they’re trying to be nice? Like I didn’t post this for you Jerry, I posted this for the girls, and maybe for one of my six internet crushes, but mostly the girls. If you’re a guy reading this, if you’re not just saying “you look good” I don’t fucking want it. Don’t send me fire emojis, don’t send heart eyes. What on EARTH am I supposed to do with that? Thank you? But the LAST thing you should be doing is telling me how I should CHANGE to become hotter and more pleasing for YOU. Because bitch, I’m not doing this shit for you.

Second off, these bottoms very much could be thong bottoms, because you cannot fucking tell if bottoms are a thong FROM THE FRONT. Like bro. Are you dumb?? Like do you even know what a thong is? I just don’t understand. I don’t understand bitch, I don’t understand. I hope everyone understood that tik tok reference though…

I’m just rattled that guys do this shit. Like please fucking stop, I already hate you enough.

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