What’s the Worst Thirst Emoji?

There’s so many great emojis with great uses. But with great power comes great responsibility. I think that quote is relevant to right now??? Maybe not. But the gist is that there are some terrible emojis that guys decided to claim for their thirst comments and nothing turns me off more than some of these god for saken emojis.

These are my top five picks for the absolute WORST emojis that guys use to thirst. I opted not to include the eggplant emoji because that’s just overused and over discussed. But these 5, are not discussed enough for being fucking terrible.

Heart eyes isn’t that bad in the right context. I’m a big user of the heart eyes emoji if we’re being honest, but there’s something so ick about when a guy uses it. I don’t wike it.

The fucking drool emoji makes me want to DIE. Who on earth decided to even make that a fucking emoji in the first place? There is not a single opportunity in which this emoji would be appropriate. And there is NOTHING fun about it being used in reference to how hot you are. Like I get it, I’m hot, and you’re literally drooling over me, but I don’t need you to put that in fucking emoji form.

The hot tongue emoji I like in a joking manner, my friends and I use it a lot, but when a guy sends it in reference to a picture of me, again, it makes me want to die. Can we be an adult and use our words? We don’t need a red faced, tongue out, sweating emoji to express how attractive you think I am.

Tongue out winking emoji is another one that in the right context is fine, me and my friends use it ironically all the time, but I swear to god please don’t use it anywhere near the phrase “without me?” or “wyd?” because it will force me to throw my phone out a window, and that shit is expensive.

Last but certainly not least, the fucking water droplets emoji. This cannot be used in any GOOD context. Unless you’re curating a collection of blue emojis, this one is going down the same road that the eggplant emoji is, and just becoming inherently sexual. I think this one might be the worst one? It just gives off the most sexual vibes and I donut like it one bit.

What’s your least favorite thirst emoji????? Let me know!

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