Updates On The Worst Thirst Emoji Ever

Yesterday I blogged about which emoji is the worst thirst emoji for guys to use, and I took my Instagram and Twitter to ask you people which you thought was the worst and we have a very clear winner.




I said this yesterday, but now that I know a lot of people agree with me that it’s the worst thirst emoji, I genuinely think the drops are in the same boat as the eggplant emoji. As in there is no way to use either the water drops or the eggplant and have it not feel weirdly sexual. It just feels lewd and inappropriate in every single context and I do not like it. Like if your mom texted you about the weather and decided to use that emoji, you’d probably be grossed out. I know I’d 100% be grossed out.

So, men, now that we’ve come to a decision on the worst thirst emoji ever, can you stop fucking using it? Let the rain drops be reclaimed by rain. I don’t wanna think about jizz everytime someone wants to use rain drops. Please, I’m begging you.

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