Why do guys use snapchat as their only method of communication? I hate it here.

What’s up bitches. I’m back. Miss me? I’ve been on a social justice crusade on Instagram and Twitter and haven’t had the energy or words to write a blog if we’re being honest. But we’re back. Hopefully back to daily blogs again, hopefully back to some funny shit coupled with social justice because fuck racism but also we all need to laugh a little bit.

Today, I don’t want to talk about racism for 30 seconds, but instead, I want to continue my crusade against the male gender and their use of snapchat as a method of communication.

I’ve talked about this countless times, I cannot stand when guys use snapchat as their only method of communication. I’m sorry, sir, but do you not have a phone number? Like what the actual fuck. Snapchat messaging should be used for a maximum of like 6 messages, and truly only in response to a snap story or a snap that was sent, NOT to start and have a normal ass conversation.

I reached my tipping point the other day when a man, I say man because he is literally a 27 year old adult, snapchat messaged me asking what he could do to support the Black Lives Matter movement. First off, if you’re him and you’re reading this, not sorry, that was fucking dumb of you.

Few issues with this. If you’re white, please for the love of god don’t ask the one black person you know what to do right now. Especially not in a generalized sense. It makes you look like the biggest god damn idiot when you can literally scroll through social media for 30 seconds and find something. And if you can’t scroll through social media to find resources, you’re following the wrong people.

Also, if you have my phone number, FUCKING TEXT ME. You look like a god damn lunatic using snapchat messages to try to have a real conversation. I’m not about to talk about systemic racism on an app used to send nudes. That’s some real high school and college shit honestly. Please just text me like a normal human being…

I’ve been riled up and angry the past two weeks and snapchat is right under racism in the list of things I hate. Men are 1B to racism.

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