New Romantics by Taylor Swift is CRIMINALLY Underrated

Let me tell you, I’m a fucking Swiftie. Is anyone surprised? I will say, Folklore is not my favorite, it’s lyrically beautiful and I do love it, but it’s not my favorite album, and none of these songs come anywhere close to my all time favorite Taylor Swift song. New Romantics, from the deluxe 1989, I have officially decided is my favorite Taylor song of all time and Jesus CHRIST it’s underrated.

I will fully accept that I like not so typical Taylor Swift songs. I don’t like the slow shit. I like the catchy poppy radio and stadium bangers that you scream sing and dance to at the concert. New Romantics is just the epitome of that kind of song. I scream sang it in my car today for a solid twenty minutes while sitting in traffic.

It has a fun beat, it’s poppy, it’s kind of happy but also a little sad? The perfect mix for a Taylor Swift song in my opinion. I think the best Taylor songs are the ones that elicit a bunch of emotions. They’re not just happy or just sad. They’re bittersweet. This one makes me want to scream angrily but also happily at the same time. It’s a breakup anthem and also a single girl anthem. It’s just *chefs kiss*

We all know Taylor Swift is a lyrical genius and some of the lines in this song… Let me fucking tell you, STELLAR.

biracial booty

I just… This is me every single time that I ever talk to a boy. I mean, yes, sometimes I am actually being dumb, but most of the time it’s very much a game. RELATABLE TAYLOR!!!!!


Wow wow wow wow wow. I mean. This line. I just. When you think of all the shit Taylor’s been put through during her career this line really just makes me so happy? I’m not sure it should be happy, but it really does. And again, incredibly relatable.


Um HELLO. My whole brand is about not having a boyfriend so clearly my entire life is about heartbreak… I just, this one is a banger. “We sing it proudly” I’m single and I’m fucking PROUD. Most of the time at least… But right now, listening to New Romantics on repeat, I’m a happy single hopeless romantic. Yes I want a big dramatic love story, but also living in heartbreak and as a single girl gives me hope almost? That sounds so cliched and dumb, but I mean I know I’m not going to die alone. Even if I die single, which as this point doesn’t seem far off, I’m surrounded by friends and family who love me. Wow that was incredibly cheesy and cliche.

Long story short: this song is a BANGER please listen to it. Please. I’m begging you.

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