songs id go ape shit for at the bar (if we were allowed to go)

Technically I could go to the bars, I could sit inside and get a drink if I really wanted to, cross state lines and go apeshit and go dance. But considering I don’t really want to risk my life or others, I will not be doing that any time soon. So sadly, I’ve been reminiscing on the times that I could go to the bars and go apeshit on the dance floor.

It started with Body by Loud Luxury. In my opinion, the ultimate summer bar song. Anyone can dance to it, the words are obscure enough that you can still kind of scream sing it if you don’t know the words. The level of dopamine in my brain when that song plays is indescribable. It’s absolutely incredible. That first ‘babe’ just hits DIFFERENT when you’re sweating your ass off in a skimpy outfit in an overcrowded dark bar.

This spurred me to create a playlist of absolute bops of all the songs that would make me scream and run to the dancefloor. The songs where, if you hear them from the bathroom or the bar, you stop whatever it is you’re doing and SPRINT to the dance floor. The songs all the girls know. The songs you know the words to and exclusively scream sing. You can listen to the full playlist here, if you have Spotify of course. But here are my top 5 songs from the playlist. Songs I’d essentially give my left arm to be dancing to at the bar.

Lip Gloss by Lil Mama

I mean… if you hear this song and immediately don’t start dancing there might be something wrong with you? As someone who’s lip gloss is always poppin, this song just HITS. Everyone knows the words, the beat is easy to follow, there’s an easy dance to do. It’s just perfection.

All Night by Chance the Rapper

This one isn’t as well known, but it is an absolute BANGER. It’s short, sweet, and to the point, and it slaps so incredibly hard. It is one of my favorite pump up songs and it’s one of those songs that just makes you want to get up and dance. I think this song could wake me from a coma if I’m being honest. It’s just THAT good.

No Hands by Waka Flocka Flame

Is there a better song to shake your ass to? I’m listening to this song as we speak and not gunna lie I had to take a minute to twerk in my mirror. It’s been too long since I’ve busted it down on a sticky dance floor…. No offense to my white friends but one of my favorite parts about going out in Boston is being able to be one of the only people that can actually dance because everyone else is white and awkward. Sorry guys, but you know it’s true. You get privelage, I’ll take my twerking, seems fair enough. The intro to this song gets me so incredbly hype I can’t even contain myself. God I want to be blacked out off of vodka waters dancing with a mediocre white boy with not a single plan to go home with him.

Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship

Another song everyone knows the words to. This one just gets the crowd GOING. You’re scream singing this with your best girlfriends, spilling your drinks everywhere, pretendign you’re actually a bad girl when you know for a fact you’re not, ignoring all the guys around you. Life is GOOD. Leighton Meester’s part SLAPS way harder than it probably should. I too would like to be hanging in the corner with my five best friends… And don’t even get me started on the break down… We love a stomp and clap section with alternating parts.

Shots by LMFAO

I’m not sure any going out playlist would be complete without Shots. It is the epitome of a bar song. We all have that friend that always tries to buy everyone shots, and we all have that friend that cannot handle shots at all. I would do several dirty things to be taking down my third green tea shot, wondering if I’m even going to survive tomorrow’s hangover.

All Night Longer by Sammy Adams

I know I said I was doing my top 5, but genuinly no Boston girl can say that All Night Longer isn’t a banger of a going out song. It just encapsulates everything I love about going out. White girls do drink vodka sodas, and white girls fucking LOVE this song. It’s the perfect amount of nostalgic and again, everyone will know the words to this one so the whole bar will be bumpin’.

Once Upon A Time by Mariahlynn

It’s hard to pick just five okay!!!! If you currently go to UML or used to go to UML and know this song you can thank lil ole me for that one. My friends Leah and Chinthu showed me this song and I just knew it was the perfect party song for the girls. Who doesn’t want to scream “once upon a time not long ago, I was a hoe”? It’s fucking ICONIC okay. A song about being a gold digging hoe? Sign me the FUCK up. If you know me at all, you know this list would absolutely not be complete without this song, because every single time I have any say in what’s played, this is going to be played. No doubt about it.

If you miss going out as much as I do, stay tuned this week on because this entire week is dedicated to going out, what we love about it, what we hate about it, how to talk to guys at the bar (this is going to be a cry for help… not any quality advice) and a love letter to going out outfits, becuase lord knows I miss those the most.

Copy of Going Out (1)

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