Things That Don’t Have Anything To Do With How Attractive Someone Is But Completely And Utterly Turn Me Off.

Recording a podcast is a lot of fucking work let me tell you, so no new episode today, but I will grace you with a Celibate and the Suburbs blog because I know what the people want.

Everyone has turn ons and turn offs. Some people like tattoos, beards, thick thighs. Those people would be me. Some people hate shaved faces, buzz cuts, and dirty finger nails. Those people would also be me. But all of those things have everything to do with finding someone attractive. Those are basically all physical features that very much can help a person determine their level of attraction to another person.

What I’m here to talk about are things that quite literally have NOTHING to do with someone’s level of attraction. I’m not going to even bother explaining what I mean before because I think it’ll all make sense very quickly.

Hand Casts or Wrist Guards

2020 Free Size Adjustable Sports Safety Wrist Guard Removable Steel Plate Support  Wrist Wrap Black Left/Right From Cnoutdoorware, $5.56 | DHgate.Com
Photo Of Red Wrist Arm And Hand Cast

Do you see what I mean. That has NOTHING to do with how hot or not hot someone is. But anytime I see anyone wearing a wrist guard or with a hand cast it turns me off so incredibly badly. I have not a single clue why I am this way, but they just make me want to die? They feel gross and icky and if I ever showed up to a date and the guy had either I might have to leave? Like yeah, that’s absurd and petty and mostly a joke, but I don’t know they freak me out!! I need someone to psychoanalyze me so that I can understand why the hell I am the way that I am. Even just Googling to find these pictures I gagged a little. Fully gagged. I’m so grossed out by these images I can’t even fathom why I put them in my search history.

Being Moderate or Conservative

This one probably makes a lot more sense than fucking hand casts… Don’t fuck with my human rights? Don’t find you attractive anymore!!! I think that is understandable. I’m throwing cops in this box too, because at this point… same difference? Idk man don’t come for me, I’m fucking black, I’ve never felt comfortable around cops, sue me. But it’s just such a huge turn off, like go be a fire fighter or something. Pwease. Don’t get me wrong there have been exceptions to this rule… I have been known to see an incredibly sexy police officer and say something along the lines of “maybe blue lives do matter…” but shhh we don’t know her. Wow I could so easily just delete that sentence from this blog, but I’m not going to. Back to being moderate/conservative, it’s one of the few things on dating apps that is an automatic left swipe. No fanks! Don’t want it!

Listening to EDM

Cool off with June's Chill New Releases [Playlist] - - The Latest  Electronic Dance Music News, Reviews & Artists

I’m sure a plethora of people feel the same way about country fans, but I just cannot even fathom how people enjoy EDM? Beep boop bop beep? Couldn’t be me. The brand of white boy that listens to EDM and exclusively listens to EDM is just not my brand of boy. Unfortunately, I am a lover of white boys, but not that particular brand and breed.

Do this make any sense? Kind of. Am I a crazy person? Heck yeah baby!!!!! I’m just trying to get back into the content game (lord knows I fell right back off), and this has been on my mind for a hot minute. Not entirely sure why.

What are your thing that have nothing to do with how attractive someone is that just absolutely are not attractive and make it such a turn off?

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