Wake Up With U2’s Super Bowl XXXVI Half Time Show

September 11th. Never forget. We say this every year, there’s no forgetting anytime soon. I was only 5 when the 9/11 attacks happened, and I don’t remember anything from that day, but I know the aftermath, I know how much the world and how much the United States changed after that day.

There were so many things that brought the country together after that day, and something that is close to my heart is Super Bowl XXXVI. It was the first time the Patriots won the Super Bowl, the first time a Super Bowl team was announced as a team instead of the individual players – something the Patriots would make an honored tradition, the first time the Super Bowl was played in February, the first time the Super Bowl was designated as a National Security Event. The logo for the game was changed from representing Louisiana, where the game was played, to represent America as a whole. It was a huge fucking deal.

The halftime show, if you hadn’t already noticed was U2, it was originally supposed to be Janet Jackson, but she dropped out to let U2 perform a tribute to 9/11. They opened with Beautiful Day and you can just hear how bat shit the crowd is going, which isn’t abnormal for a Super Bowl Halftime show, but you know this one was different. This one meant something different. As they sang MLK and Where the Streets Have No Name a sheet with the victims from the attacks rose behind the band. Bono changed the lyrics of the song from “take shelter from the poison rain” with “dance in the Louisiana rain”, “high on a desert plain” with “where there’s no sorrow or pain”, and the final line “it’s all I can do” with “it’s all we can do.” When he finished, he opened his jacket to reveal an American flag.

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