Top 10 Things I Miss About The Bars

God I fucking miss going out. Have you picked up on that yet???

I’m 24 and going out is basically the only thing I used to live for on the weekends. Which sounds depressing… But there’s nothing like the thrill of ruining your entire Sunday with a hangover because you drank 6 too many vodka sodas at a crappy Boston bar the night before. We can kinda sorta not really go out now…. Outdoor seating is wicked fun don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not the same! I can’t wear my hoe clothes, I can’t meet strangers, I can’t shake my ass, boooooo.

I miss a lot of things about going out, but here’s my top ten.

Making girl friends at the bar

Let me tell you. This is my SHIT. It happened a lot more in college, I actually ended up doing a group project with a girl I met in the bathroom at our favorite college bar, but it’s so much fun. You go to the bathroom and suddenly everyone in there is your best friend since 3rd grade. You’re giving boy advice, asking for boy advice, complimenting outfits, sharing tampons or gum. There is no camaraderie like the camaraderie of drunk girls in a bathroom, and I stand by that.

Dancing with my friends

Wow oh wow oh wow. This might be the thing I miss the very most. How on earth did a song like WAP get dropped and I haven’t been able to shake my ass to it at the bar yet? It’s actually criminal. I’m a bar dancer, like I want to shimmy and shake and jump around if we go out, and I legally can’t do that right now and it’s sad. I just love the feeling of being out with the girls in a big circle, vodka soda’s spilling everywhere, scream singing songs, vibing.

Dancing with guys

Dancing with the girls is my favorite thing, but dancing with guys is (sometimes) just as fun. The issue here is that living in Boston and the bars that I go out to are almost exclusively white guys… Who can’t dance for shit… That’s just no fun. I don’t want to be putting my all into a mediocre white man! Not just anyone can see me twerk babbyyyy. But when you get the right guy, and maybe it turns into a sloppy drunk makeout in the middle of the dance floor, oh baby I love that shit. I almost always walk away from it being like okay he was ugly, but you know what, that’s my charity of the year.

Free drinks

There’s a wage gap ladies, men can buy us drinks. The amount of times I’ve said this to guys at bars is absurd and I’m shocked I haven’t gotten a drink thrown in my face for it yet… Anytime I can avoid spending my own money is considered a win, and a free vodka soda with lime is truly an ideal scenario for me. I’m a basic bitch want that shit for FREE.

Hoe outfits

Oh how I miss my hoe outfits. I wrote an entire blog about this earlier, but I had to mention it again. There are only so many places you can wear a lace body suit, and none of those places are open during corona. SAD.


I did get a little taste of a pregame/postgame last weekend, my friends and I went to a friends new apartment in Southie and then went out and grabbed drinks at Broadway (duh), but it’s not entirely the same. The pregame is just filled with so much fun energy for what the night could hold (more on this later), and then the rush to finish your drinks as the uber arrives or while your friends are pushing you out the door. Final outfit checks. Making sure you get pictures. Drinking games. The works. The postgame is not as often out of college, but it’s always a god damn blast when it does happen. Everyone’s still drinking even though they know they’ll regret it in the morning. God I miss it so much.

Post bar food

This goes hand in hand with the postgame, but there’s nothing quite like drunk pizza. Whether you’re a Dominos person, or have your own favorite joint that’s open late night, we’ve all had our fair share of drunk slices. You’re truly a professional when you can perfectly time your uber and the pizza delivery to arrive at your front door at the same time. I used to get drunk senior year and make frozen dumplings. If you’ve never made frozen dumplings just know you have to fucking fry them. Drunk me was out here frying dumplings pretending everything was fine, it was a miracle I never burnt down our apartment.

Good company

This one is a wee bit sappy, but it’s just so much fun to go out with your friends, and I obviously have not been seeing my friends as often as I normally do, and it’s sad. I miss them :/ I love when multiple groups of friends all end up out together, you meet new people, make all your friends one big group, and just have yourself a god damn TIME.

Potential for good things

There’s such a fun feeling when you’re pregaming, trying to figure out where to go out, and all you can think about is the potential for a great night. Hey, who knows, you could meet the love of your life out at the bar that night, it’s unlikely, but it COULD happen, and THAT is the beauty of potential. There is always so much potential in nights out. Potential for love, sex, an overall good time. There’s no potential for jack shit during corona. Just the potential of DEATH.

The thrill of hearing one of your favorite songs 

As I’m sitting here listening to my playlist titled “lets, and I cannot emphasize this enough, fucking go” I am thinking so much about how I love the feeling of hearing a song I love at the bar. Whether it’s an oldie, a new banger, or a sick remix, it’s the same ‘holy fucking shit’ feeling and running to the dance floor from wherever you are. Body by Loud Luxury just HITS when it’s blasting at the bar.

Hopefully shit can get back to normal soon and me dancing with strangers doesn’t come with the price tag of killing a bunch of people. Fingies crossed.

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