Why Was Jasper Hale A Confederate ?!

I’m not entirely sure why I’ve been on such a big Twilight kick. I wasn’t even that into the books or movies when they came out. I don’t think I ever even finished reading Breaking Dawn. I was however incredibly into Taylor Lautner and there for a die hard Team Jacob fan. Regardless, I rewatched Eclipse yesterday and oh my god I just want to talk, Stephanie Meyer.

Jasper Hale’s backstory is that he was a fucking confederate soldier. The youngest general or major or something like that. Like they make a point to say that in the books and in the movie. I just… Did he have to be a CONFEDERATE. He lived in the south, he’s from Texas, but like you did this for what Stephanie Meyer… His backstory explains why he was able to teach the Cullens and the werewolves about the newborn army, but realistically he could’ve been cultivating a new born army for literally any war. For any fucking reason!!! Of all the wars America took apart in he had to be a fucking CONFEDERATE. I legit cannot fathom this decision. My man was training vampires in order to keep slavery. WHAT. I just… WHAT. I will go to my grave questioning this reasoning.

I think my biggest gripe with this, as I have clearly already stated but will further reiterate, he could’ve been in any other army. Him being a confederate soldier was not 100% necessary. Yes, it makes sense he would be a confederate soldier if he lived in Texas during that time, HOWEVER. He could’ve lived in a more northern southern state and joined the union army. He could’ve lived in Texas and been apart of the Texas Revolution if the Texas part was so near and dear to Miss Stephanie Meyers heart. He could’ve been in a different time and fought in like World War 1, or the revolutionary war. LITERALLY ANY OTHER FUCKING WAR. He could’ve not been in the army at all! He could’ve been apart of a newborn army the same way Victoria was: for no god damn reason at all. Victoria just wanted to use the newborns to fight, Jasper could’ve done that too!

I’m getting myself so riled up over this, I’m so annoyed. Stephanie Meyer WHY. You did this for what?

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