Biracial Booty Book Club: Get A Life Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

Fat woman rom com. FAT WOMAN ROM COM!! I saw this on the shelf at Barnes and Noble on a table that said “one day reads,” saw the fat black girl on the cover and bought it without even reading what it was about.

That’s a lie. I did read the back to find out it was a rom com about a fat, black, chronically ill woman. I mean,,, sign me UP.

The Gist

Chloe Brown is chronically ill, has a near death experience (unrelated to being chronically ill) and realizes her life is so incredibly dull she needs to get one. She writes a to do list of sorts with things she needs to accomplish in order to get her life back on track so that when she dies her life doesn’t flash in a sad and dull way. She moves out of her parents house into an apartment complex. Enter Red. The super for the building. Who is hot as FUCCKKKKKKKKK. He’s an artist, he rides a motorcycle, he’s covered in tattoos. I’m sweating at the thought of him being a real person. It’s an enemies to lovers type situation because neither Chloe nor Red can stand the other one.

My Thoughts

Let me tell you. I did not expect this book to be so fucking hot. Like literally hot. Like sex scenes galore. It’s a rom com so I did expect some sort of sexual tension or sex scenes, but most of the rom coms I read have just meh sex, or it only barely describes it and then they move on. But this book…. Woah baby, it’s basically porn. Which, I am not complaining about. It’s mildly unrealistic, but it was written by a woman, so it’s all geared towards female pleasure, which I can’t be mad at. No one wants to read about a blow job anyways. Or at least I don’t. To each their own I guess.

I loved that Chloe was a fat woman who didn’t care that she was fat. I wish the author had described her as fat a little bit more? I think if there wasn’t a fat woman on the cover the reader may not pick up that she was in fact an actual fat person. But Chloe was never self conscious about her weight, never felt uncomfortable about it, never once insecure about that or her illness. Which was a breath of fucking fresh air. Confident fat people exist!! And they’re lovely!

Would I recommend?

Hell fucking yeah I would! It was a quick and easy read – there was a reason it was on the one day table. I didn’t finish it in one day, but that’s because I have the attention span of a goldfish and also other responsibilities.

If you like ____ you should read it

  • Romance/Contemporary Romance
  • black authors, female authors, BLACK FEMALE AUTHORS – gotta support the cause
  • Wanting to fall in love after reading a book. Am I emo that I’m not in love right now? Yes. But that is the mark of a perfect rom com.
  • Romances about marginalized groups – fat, black, chronically ill. Check. Check. Check. Name the last time you read a rom com about any three of those types of characters, let alone a rom com where the main character is all three. I’m waiting.
  • Sex. Point blank this book is steamy. Borderline pornographic. But fuck it, it was lovely
  • British books – It wasn’t hit you over the head British, which I enjoy. Because sometimes their slang is incomprehensibly honestly
  • Books that switch POV – my favorite Rom Coms switch POV between each love interest. It’s all third person narration, but you get to hear the thoughts of both Red and Chloe, which I find important to the story

Hopefully Biracial Booty Book Club will be a recurring thing on here, considering how many Rom Com’s I buy at Target, I should probably get to reading all of them. If you’re looking for other Rom Com suggestions, check out my Good Reads, or the story highlight on my Instagram page, they’re the only books I read.

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