🌹You can’t hate on love but I can hate on Dale and Clare🌹

Does anyone need yet another Bachelorette recap? No. But I have some thoughts that need to be shared.

Thought number 1: I cannot stand Clare.

More recently, when I’m watching the Bachelor or Bachelorette, I’ve tried very hard not to judge the women on the show. Women supporting women and all that jazz, but Clare is just fucking insufferable. I just… Who allowed this. Of course this is the 2020 season of the Bachelorette, this is fucking absurd. She’s being so god damn disrespectful to all the other men. I know they’re about to leave next episode, but after not even fucking pretending to give a group date rose to anyone I would’ve walked right fucking out right there and then if I was them. She doesn’t have a connection with any of them because she’s not trying to have a connection with any of them. I get falling in love immediately or liking one of the guys more, but at least pretend to get to know everyone else. Even if she was sending them home immediatly after trying to get to know them, it’d be easier and better than stringing them along!

Don’t even get me started on her reaction to the fucking roast. I just… Unsure if people caught it, but at the end of the episode, after the credits, she made a joke to Ben? Unsure which guy it was about, but she said she had thought she sent him home last week. How on EARTH can she make that joke, but then get upset that everyone is ragging on Dale? Make it make sense.

Thought B: I hate Dale.

I don’t hate Dale so much as I hate how much Clare loves Dale. He has shown absolutely zero personality. He legit just exists and she’s obsessed with him. He just seems so lame. I also don’t think he’s hot. He looks like handsome squidward and it stresses me out.

There’s also something to be said about every guy in the house absolutely despising you. Usually all the men hating one person is for good reason. When all the women hate one person, it’s usually strictly jealousy and can be explained away, but when the men of the Bachelorette hate on one guy, there is some truth to it. It seems like Dale is a different guy without Clare in the sense that he doesn’t seem genuine about her. And obviously it’s wicked rude and disrespectful how much of Clare’s time he takes away from everyone else.

Thought #3: Taysia is so fucking hot

The Bachelorette: Tayshia Adams Makes Her Grand Entrance in Teaser |  PEOPLE.com

When Taysia popped out of that pool I screamed just as loud, if not louder, as when Malcom Butler made that goal line interception to win us the Super Bowl. She is fucking HOT. She’s one of my favorite Bachelor people, she’s so chill and seems mostly normal. I loved her on Colton’s season and I’m honestly still pissed at how Colton treated her. God I’m so fucking ready for her to replace whack ass Clare and put some Black excellence on our screen. Fingers fucking crossed she just gets rid of all the weird ass white guys on this season.

Thought D: Bennet is scary looking and not hot

When Margaret Cho said Bennet scared her, I felt seen. There’s something to be said about Bennet’s brand of white man that terrifies women of color… He looks like a god damn serial killer! I’m 100% serious when I say he is one of the scariest people I’ve ever seen. If I saw someone that looked like him in real life, I would run in the other direction so god damn quick. I’m very much judging a book by it’s cover here, but his rich boy, Harvard grad vibe isn’t helping his case. His roast of Dale did help his case a little bit, and so did his insane self awareness during the rest of his roast. He still terrifies me though.

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