I’m A Tik Tok STAR

Last time we chatted I had 1.8 million views on a tik tok video. It’s currently over FOUR FUCKING MILLION VIEWS. Ladies and Gents, I’m a fucking STAR.

I wish I had any advice on how to actually go viral on Tik Tok, considering both times it has happened to me it has been a complete and utter accident. Udder? Utter? I could very easily Google that, but I won’t.

With this 4 million plus views comes with $186 in the Tik Tok Creator Fund. Basically, if you have a certain amount of followers you can sign up for the creator fund and get paid per views. It’s a very low amount of money per view, and a lot of Tik Tok posters think that their views starting going down when they joined the creator fund, but hey, I just hit 4 million views (no I will never stop shutting up about it) and I made almost $200 without doing literally anything. I posted a bunch of screenshots of things I bought off Amazon and BOOM. Money. Do I know how to get this money? Nope, not at all. But the thought that I can potentially retrieve this money is quite nice.

I’ll be taking this new found Tik Tok fame straight to my fucking head. Maybe some of this fame can translate somewhere else. Follow me on Twitter? And Instagram. Yeah, that. I’m funny and hot! Not sure why you wouldn’t want to follow me on all of my social medias!!

In other news, I’m going to try very very VERY hard to get back on my one blog a day grind. Honestly, I miss it. I know I’ve said I was going to come back to it a bunch of times at this point, but god fucking damn it I will keep saying it until I finally fucking succeed.

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