2 Chainz using how ‘different’ Biden and Harris are to Transition into ‘I’m Different’ is not even the most absurd thing we’ve seen this election season

I mean… It’s really not even close to the weirdest thing we’ve seen. Trump calling Lil Pump ‘Lil Pimp’, Biden ads calling out Trumps lack of a dog, Trump dancing to the YMCA, the fucking fly during the VP debate… I mean the list could go on forever. But 2 Chains is simply absurd.

In what world is 2 Chainz performing at a Biden rally and in what world is he using THAT as an intro into I’m Different. I just… I don’t even know how to react to this. If you haven’t seen it… Well now you have. No matter which side your on (I hope if you’re reading this blog you’re a hot girl for Biden) you have to understand how ridiculously funny and crazy this is. Democrats will truly try anything to get the black vote except help black people… and THAT is the motherfucking tea. Happy voting.

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