Biracial Booty Book Club: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Back at it again with yet another Romance Book review. I don’t read anything else so I’m not sure why anyone would expect reviews of anything else!!!

The Gist

Lucy and Josh work for the same company, both assistants to opposing co-CEO’s. They fucking hate eachother. Like absolutely despise eachother. Until they don’t. Lucy is small, kindhearted, homesick, and sugary sweet. Josh is large, muscley, cold, and demanding. I mean… Why wouldn’t they hate each other. But also… Why wouldn’t they want to rip each other’s clothes off every second of every day? Riddle me THAT.

My Thoughts

I had very high expectations for this book. A million and one people recommended it, it’s a best seller (I think at least), and some of my favorite romance authors had high reviews for it. Don’t get me wrong it was good, but it wasn’t my favorite. It was such a slow burn, which some people love, but I was just a wee bit frustrated with it. The last 100 pages or so were the best part. I couldn’t put it down. Woah baby it was hot and, as I mentioned on Instagram, made me horny for love. Also just straight up horny, but mostly horny for love. The mark of a truly great romance is one that makes you want to fall in love once you’re done.

Would I recommend?

Before the halfway point of the book, I wouldn’t have strongly recommended it, but once I finished I was so into it. Again, it’s a slow burn, but the fire was fucking raging at the end. According to the internet (always a reliable source) Lucy Hale is staring in the movie – set to start filming in a few weeks – along side absolute fucking STUD Austin Stowell. So perhaps you should all read it before the movie comes out so we can all watch it together and swoon.

If you like ____ you should read it

  • Slow burn romance
  • enemies to lovers (where are my Wattpad fans?????)
  • Romance/Contemporary Romance
  • Office Romances
  • Single Person POV – Lucy is the narrator

If you’re looking for other Rom Com suggestions, check out my Good Reads, or the story highlight on my Instagram page, they’re the only books I read.

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