It’s Not Dramatic To Say The Latest Instagram and Twitter Updates Are Ruining My Life

Nope, not dramatic AT ALL. I fucking hate it here. What the fuck is happening on these god forsaken apps.

Instagram’s latest update is genuinely one of the stupidest things to ever happen. Like literally the stupidest thing ever when it comes to usability. There is genuine research that says where you’re supposed to place things on your app to make it more user friendly, and the top is quite literally the last place you want to put ANYTHING.

The Thumb Zone: Designing For Mobile Users — Smashing Magazine

No matter what you’re doing the top is NO BUENO. INSTAGRAM WHAT ARE YOU DOING. There’s a fucking reason that every single app on the planet has every single one of their buttons on the bottom. Every. Single. Button. All I fucking care about on Instagram are my notifications and posting things and they somehow ruined that. Not any part of me wants to shop on Instagram. Not one single cell in my body thought “huh I wish I could shop on Instagram.” Do I swipe up on stories to buy things? Sometimes. But I always put it into safari like a normal god damn human being.

The fact that it’s more difficult to POST on Instagram?! ABSURD. It took me so fucking long to actually figure out how on earth to post an Instagram. I simply wanted to post a photo and it took me like 15 fuckkng minutes. I don’t want to watch a reel, I simply want to POST TO MY PAGE. THIS IS WHAT INSTAGRAM IS MADE FOR. NOT REELS.

If I click the shopping tab instead of my notifications one more fucking time, I’m going to throw myself into the Charles River. It genuinely is one of the stupidest things to ever happen to social media… Or at least it was until Twitter updated to include stories, sorry, I mean, Fleets.

I just…

I will say, I remember HATING Instagram stories. And now I use those more than snapchat stories 9/10 times. But Twitter is for fast takes, funny quotes, and knowing that life is ultimately miserable. Instagram introducing stories made sense, they’re a photo and video app, stories just added another level to that. Twitter? Just post whatever you’d post as a fleet in a normal fucking tweet!! That’s allowed ladies and gents!! Post a video of you talking shit, post a cute pic, post a funny thought, but post it as a fucking 280 character tweet. Fuck off with this Fleet bullshit. I don’t want to see this nonsense. Is there a way to hide it? Someone please tell me there’s a way to hide it.

Twitter, Instagram, if you’re reading this, fix this fucking nonsense. Stop it, stop it right now. Get a larger testing base, and maybe put some fucking millenials on your team, or some god forsaken Gen Zers. This is DUMB. Still gunna continue to use your apps, but like I’ll be angry about it.

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