Covid: 0, Sarah: 1

I tested positive for Covid just about two weeks ago and let me fucking tell you that shit SUCKS. To be honest, it was much more of a 28-3 type thing than a flat out win on my part… It took a lot more out of me than I ever anticipated.

I had a mild case in the sense that I didn’t get hospitalized and I didn’t have all of the symptoms (I kept my smell and taste thank GOD), but I was still sick as a fucking dog and miserable for well over a week.

You’re probably thinking, how did you get it? And guess what, I got it by supposedly following the rules. Yes, I had been to indoor restaurants, but I didn’t get it there, and honestly I have zero desire to sit inside a restaurant again until we get a vaccine, every time I did go out to eat I just felt kinda icky and weird afterwards. But I did get COVID from going home for Thanksgiving. We had less than 10 people, it was all people my family has been actively seeing, the aunt and uncle that came both live alone, yet, we all tested positive after the fact. So yes, it was from seeing people outside of my household, but it was from seeing a small group of people that was supposedly my “bubble.”

And god having symptoms SUCKS.

I don’t want to complain too much considering people have literally died from this, but I cannot even begin to explain how sick I was and, like I said, I had a mild case. There were multiple days where I didn’t eat anything or leave the couch/bed for the entire day because I literally didn’t have the energy to do it. And not just in a “I feel weak” sort of a way, but every time I even stood up for more than 30 seconds it was hard to breathe. Trying to shower? I literally would be out of breath standing in the shower trying to wash my body for five fucking minutes. Walking around? Heaving. Walking up the stairs to my bedroom? Forget about it. I slept on the couch a few nights because the thought of walking up to my room made me want to burst into tears.

The first night that I was home and the first night that I actually knew I had corona – I had been sick the day before, but I was in denial and assumed it was lack of sleep combined with a three day hangover – I had an incredibly difficult time breathing, which led to my dad suggesting a trip to the ER, which led to me having a mental breakdown, which led to me sobbing uncontrollably, which led to having an even harder time breathing. That was the longest run-on sentence, but the gist is that I very much was having a terrible, terrible time.

Aside from the crying sobbing breakdown about not wanting to be in the emergency room by myself having Covid fucking SUCKED. Have I mentioned that yet? I was so exhausted the entire time, and just felt so incredibly ill. I still feel kind of sick and gross even though it’s officially been two weeks. I just need you to understand how fucking shitty it was. And again, I had a mild case. I still get out of breath walking up the stairs, I still don’t have that much of an appetite, and I’m still so incredibly exhausted all of the fucking time.

TLDR: be fucking safe, don’t be fucking stupid, and don’t get COVID because it BLOWS. The End.

(You’d think I’d learn the difference between breathe and breath before writing this blog… Some things will never change. )

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