Celibate and the Suburbs Is BACK, with a new TWIST!

Happy fucking new year bitches. As you will soon learn, I have a few New Years Resolutions in store, and one of them is to actually keep up with my Celibate and the Suburbs podcast. And to make it easier on myself, I basically just decided what the next 52 episodes will look like.

We’re rebranding ladies (and everyone else).

We’re going to be talking Rom Coms! Or romance movies, but mostly rom coms, and part of the episode will be me deciding if it’s actually a rom com, or if it’s simply just a romance movie. Or simply just a comedy. But, I’m so so so fucking excited to start this and go on this journey with you people. There will be guests talking about their favorite movies, I’ll tell you some of mine, I’ll watch some newbies, some old classics, we’re gunna have a grand ole fucking time

You can listen to the trailer for the new season here, or just search Celibate and the Suburbs wherever you listen to podcasts!

First up we’ll be discussing my all time favorite movie, What’s Your Number?. The first episode drop will be Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, and episodes will be weekly on Wednesdays after that!

Contemplating Something As Retro As What's Your Number? Being Made Within  the Past Decade | Culled Culture

If you have a movie suggestion, whether I’ve seen it or not, DM me! Twitter, Instagram, comment it on my Tik Tok. Hell send me a god damn email if you want. I’m open to watching almost anything in the romance department – aside from pedo shit and teacher/student relationships, and Clueless is my ONLY familial romance exception… SEND ME RECS! They can be good movies, shitty movies, as long as I can sit through the entire thing, I’ll talk about it. Especially send me your POC romance movie recs! Please and thank youuuuuuu.

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