What’s Something You Did Before Covid That You Wouldn’t Even Think About Doing Right Now?

I saw a tik tok that inspired this post, and let me tell you, there is so much shit that I did before all this pandemic nonsense that I look back on and I’m like oh my god how did I not die… Will I do some of it after I get the vaccine… maybe.. But don’t judge me.

The one that really set off my self reflection was the time I went to the Friends popup museum of sorts and put a fucking turkey mask on my head.

Like yeah they clorox wiped the inside of them before we put them on, but what the hell? Thousands of people probably wore those before I did. And I put it on without literally a thought other than “cute Instagram moment!!!!!” No thoughts only content. Shocked I wasn’t immune from covid from this experience alone.

And in a shocking turn of events I wasn’t immune to covid after slapping the bag with LITERAL fucking strangers in Nashville on a pedal tavern…

We shared that with like 15 people, and we didn’t know like 7 of them… Just absolutely reckless shit that I would do 1000 times again if it didn’t mean potential death. But I guess it almost always means potential death, just not as high as does right now. The thought of it grosses me out but also makes me sad because I miss that pedal tavern and the strangers we met that day so badly. Sitting on the back of a giant moving bar, chugging Truly’s, watching my friends struggle to pedal in the rain and cold of January in Nashville? Fucking STELLAR way to start of 2020. Everything else was very obviously downhill from that moment.

Even just the thought of being in large groups skeeves me out. Strangers? No fucking thank you! I personally think this whole 6 foot social distancing thing should happen 100% of the time, but that’s just me. I’m not even a germaphobe, and I genuinely like people and being around people, but like back the fuck off man…

So what’s something you did before Covid that you wouldn’t even dare to think about doing now? Playing beer pong and actually drinking from the cups? Wall twerking in a frat basement? Sharing drinks at the bar? Going to a bar? Making out with strangers? The list is truly fucking endless…

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