Pete Wentz is biracial and I’m not done thinking about it

Every once in a while you learn something about a celebrity and it blows your mind into the next fucking galaxy. And learning that Pete Wentz was half Black did just that this morning.

I’m sorry WHAT. Like this man has a Black momma and I never fucking knew?! I genuinely have no words. I am so fucking incredibly shocked. I just… A biracial KING. Looking at recent pics of him and the classic emo Pete pics you can tend to look at them and be like yeah no that’s a white man, but I give you very obviously Black Pete Wentz:

I mean that right there is a lightskin king right there.

I think one of the biggest indicators that someone is Black or biracial is their hair. Facial features can get mixed and matched from the non-Black parent, but hair almost always ends up some variation of kinky and curly, but when someone like Pete straightens their hair, or keeps it short short short, it’s harder to distiguish. But you what, now you fucking know. And now I know and I honestly think I’ll be shook by this fact for the rest of my fucking life.

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