Biracial Booty Book Club: Take a Hint Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

Book 1 of 12 is done BABBYYYY! And it’s only day nine of 2020. I’m totally 100% going to crush this reading goal. Take a Hint Dani Brown is the sequel to Get A Life Chloe Brown, but you don’t really need to read Get a Life First, it’s just in the same universe and takes place after Get a Life, so it will spoil it, but it makes sense without it.

The Gist

Dani Brown is not a relationship girl, but Zafir Ansari is very much a relationship guy, so what the fuck does that mean for the two of them when they start fake dating as a publicity stunt? It’s all well and fine until the ever complicated sex gets thrown in. I mean, when doesn’t sex complicate things?? In the same way Get A Life Chloe Brown was incredibly fucking hot, this book was steamy as SHIT. But more romantic, honestly. It really tackled what being in a relationship and loving someone for who they are really means.

My Thoughts

Let me tell you. Zafir Ansari? Greatest man ever? Tall, hot, large, brooding, hopeless romantic. I mean, I want, I NEED, him for myself. I haven’t fallen this in love with a character in a hot minute. I did love Redford in Get a Life Chloe Brown, Carlos in the Proposal, but Zaf, oh my lord, I love him. I want him to be real so badly.

Dani Brown was a WONDERFUL character. She’s sassy, she’s confident, but a normal amount of insecure. She just wants to get laid and I think that is relatable as fuck.

Overall, I’d give this five stars. It made me want to fall in love, the true mark of a great romance, and it was so incredibly easy to read. I banged it out in only a few sittings, and read a majority of it the first day I opened it. It moves quickly and keeps you wanting more, even though not much happens, which I think is the mark of a fantastic writer.

Would I Recommend

Holy fuck yes. I will say, it’s about 2 sex scenes away from being straight up erotica, but you know what, I don’t fucking care anymore. It’s an incredibly cute love story AND stars two POC, I mean, does it get much better than that?!

If you like ____ you should read it

  • POC romance
  • Fake relationship
  • slowburn? It’s not terribly slow, but slower than some
  • black authors, female authors, BLACK FEMALE AUTHORS – gotta support the cause
  • Sex scenes in books
  • Two person POV – It switches between Zaf and Dani, which is my favorite type of narration

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