GREAT Day For Coats

Considering the inauguration is always in January in DC, the coats are always stunting, but this year I genuinly could not focus on anything other than Amanda Gorman’s poem and the coats. And maybe no one singing along with Garth Brooks. But these fucking COATS. Oh my god. Even just the random people I don’t know have stellar coats on. The woman in DC today said “pay attention to me” and pay attention I fucking did.


Amanda fucking Gorman. Aside from the fact that she is a beautiful writer and speaker, this outfit is LEGENDARY. Black people in bright colors will always be my favorite looks. The red headband, the ring, the earrings, the hair!? I could cry at how beautiful this look is.


MY FUCKING GIRL MICHELLE. Oh my god. When I tell you my jaw DROPPED when I saw this outfit. The monochrome maroon, the giant belt. It’s simply fantastic. I want all of these pieces immediately. Truly it can’t get much better than this.


Dr. Jill Biden, first lady of our dreams. Well, Michelle was the first lady of my dreams (except for that whole dumb ass health food initiative, but nows not the time for that). Again, the monochrome fit is simply STELLAR. I’m an absolute hoe for sparkles and I can’t think of anything I need more in my life than a sparkly blue coat with matching leather gloves and mask. The matching mask really sells this too. You know she found that mask and she was so hype about it and told Joe immediatlely.

KAMALA. The color of fucking royalty. There’s a black woman in the White House yet again and she knew she couldn’t show up anything short of perfect. And she showed the fuck up. This color is one of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever fucking scene.


Bernie, my dude. Not the most show stopping coat, but you know what it needed to be discussed. Bernie showed up to the inauguration looking like he just stopped by to say hi. He could not bothered with frills and fancy and for that, we love him. I hope those gloves are homemade. They look like the kind of thing his wife would make him put on before he left the house and Bernie would be like “no no it’s fine” but he takes them anyways and is happy his wife cares so much for him. I’m projecting.

Nancy in that blue dream of a jacket. I can’t let this photo get posted and not talk about the iPad lady. Consider it talked about it. Back to Nancy. We’ve seen a lot of monochrome action today, and Nancy showed the fuck up with matching scarf, jacket, and mask, obviosly.

We expect nothing short of fabulous from J LO and this white jacket has been on my mind for the last hour. I simply love it. How much do you think that coat costs? Probably an entire years rent honestly. But I fucking NEED It. I would get it dirty in less than 5 minutes, but for those 5 minutes, I would be the most beautiful person in the world.

Today we celebrate the end of Trump’s reign of terror, new beginnings, long winter coats in bold colors, and monochrome outfits. Lets, and I cannot emphasize this enough, fucking GO.

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