Hinge Letting You Pick Your Racial Preferences for Free But Not Anything Else Does Not Sit Right With Me

We all know I’m a loyal(?) user of dating apps. Mostly to shit on men, mostly for content, partly in the off chance I meet my soulmate. But the other day while perusing through my profile on Hinge I realized that you could set certain preferences in terms of the profiles you saw.

For those unfamiliar with Hinge, these are the preferences that you can set from any free account. Age, which I set because I don’t want to deal with boys, and anyone over the age of 30 that wants to seriously day a 24 year old is creepy. Maximum distance, which I think goes up to 100 miles, but my needy ass can’t do a long distance relationship, so basically if you don’t live in Boston, or a close suburb (but mostly just Boston) I DON’T WANT IT. Ethnicity, which I left open, but every day debate removing white men. And religion, which I also just left because I’m truly indifferent as long as you’re indifferent to the fact that I’m not religious in the slightest.

If you keep scrolling there’s more preferences that you can set, but you have have the paid version of Hinge in order to set them. These are all things that actually matter in dating, not that location, age, and religion aren’t important, but lifestyle choices and future plans are insanely important to a relationship.

Leaving the ability to basically just discriminate against a race in the free version of a product is fucking absurd. I know I said that I debate removing white guys from my preferences, but as a black woman, that’s honestly for my fucking safety. To be completely honest, it’s very hard to trust white people in terms of their lack of racism, even if you know them well. To give white people the ability to only see other white profiles is quite honestly crazy. “It’s a preference, blah blah blah” Shut the fuck up, there are hot people of every single ethnicity so how on earth can someone ever say they don’t like an entire race???

My head hurts from how mad I just got, so end scene.

2 thoughts on “Hinge Letting You Pick Your Racial Preferences for Free But Not Anything Else Does Not Sit Right With Me

  1. That’s really weird they have that too be honest. Idk it doesn’t really sit will with me either. Some of these dating apps are weird. Did you ever hear about the dating app for billionaires? It literally asked you for like tax returns or something crazy. I would have to find the article again.


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