Here’s What I’m listening to right now

I have a very odd taste in music, that ranges from top 40s hits, to 80s rock and pop nonsense, country, some 90s and early 2000s rap and R&B, it’s really all over the place, but currently I’ve been absolutely jamming out to two playlists I created. One is just a mishmosh of songs that I have found over the last month, It’s fun, it’s different, I like the beat.

The other is a playlist I curated of songs that I have deemed white people music. It’s mostly white adult music, because any current day white people music I listen to regardless, because pop and country are my SHIT. White people songs (alternatively just a bunch of Elton John)

I have been nonstop listening to these two playlists for the past month and I rarely ever listen to anything else. Unless I’m in my car, in which case I listen to Taylor Swift or Abba Gold because I don’t have an aux chord. But I wanted to walk you through some of my favorites right now because, let me tell you, they fucking SLAP.

From my January Playlist

Complicated by Ajhani Azure

This song fucking BOPS. I found it on Tik Tok and I truly cannot get enough of it. It inspired the title of the playlist do to the fact that it is fun and different, and I like the beat. It’s very R&B mixed with pop vibes, and I absolutely adore every single second of it. It’s bass heavy, and Azure’s voice is so smooth and wonderful. Ugh, listen to it please.

Fresh Fro by Exmiranda

Holy fucking shit, just stop everything you’re doing and listen to this fucking song. Again, its very R&B/Hip Hop and Exmiranda absolutely KILLS it. I also found this song on Tik Tok, Exmiranda posts 5 second funk breaks with this song and she had me hooked. Support black artists babbbyyy.

oops! by Yung Gravy

Wow, another Tik Tok song. Who’s shocked. This song BOPS. It’s so fun and different. It’s dance and jump around in your room vibes, which are my favorite vibes. And it’s funny as fuck, which I love.

Starting Over by Chris Stapleton

I told you my music taste was all over the place. I hear this on the radio all of the time, and it just gives me the best old school country vibes. It is a stellar high way song. It jus feels like you’re the main character. Which is the aesthetic I try to live by.

Willow – Dancing witch version (Elvira Remix) by Taylor Swift

OH MY GOD. If you like Taylor you need to listen to this. I love Evermore and Willow is one of my favorite songs off the album, but this version is so spooky and different. It’s so different from anything Taylor really has, and who doesn’t love Elvira?

From my white people playlist

Moving Out (Anthony’s Song) by Billy Joel

Now, I did not grow up on Billy Joel the way a lot of white kids did. So I don’t know a lot of his songs, so if its a popular one that isn’t Piano Man or Vienna, I truly don’t know. But this song BOPS. It’s so much fun to sing and bop around to. Are you noticing a trend? I like to sing and bop around.

I’m Still Standing, Saturday Night’s Alright, and Your Song by Elton John

Also Crocodile Rock, The Bitch is Back, Pinball Wizard, and Tiny Dancer… I’m a big hoe for Elton John and his songs just make me happy. And what I absolutely need more of these days is happiness. I rewatched Rocketman for about the millionth time the other day and I’ve just been hooked all over again. Elton John is everything I want to be in life. He’s over the top and loud and that’s who I am and dream of being.

Two Doors Down and Why’d You Come In Here Looking Like That by Dolly Parton

I mean, Dolly, my fucking queen. I am more recently getting into Dolly Parton. I’ve always loved her as a celebrity and everything she stands for (equality, big hair, and bigger tits), but her songs truly truly are one of a kind. Don’t even get me started on 9 to 5. Truly one of my favorite songs of all fucking time. Dolly Parton is a legend for a reason.

Cheeseburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffet

This was one of my favorite songs growing up. Everyone in my family loves Jimmy Buffet, so it was a staple. And I love Cheeseburgers, so the entire song always just felt relatable as fuck.

So that’s that. Listen to these songs, they slap. Befriend me on Spotify if you want, follow my playlists, they’re pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

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