IDC What Your Zodiac Sign Is, Tell Me What’s On Your Nightstand.

I truly don’t understand Zodiac signs, I can’t remember any of them, let alone what any of them mean for your personality. I legitimately can’t even remember my rising and setting or whatever the hell it’s called. I’m a gemini, that’s all I fucking know.

But what I do know is that what’s sitting on your nightstand tells a deep story about who you are as a person, and I want to know what’s on your nightstand. Am I the kind of person that can actually deduce what your personality is based on the items on your nightstand? Absolutely not. But I can gleam how organized and put together you are at the very least.

I posted about this on Tik Tok, and several people commented and I asked my friends and some of the most frequently mentioned items were:

  • Candles
  • half read books
  • medication
  • water bottles/cups of water
  • phone/computer/apple watch chargers

All basic and normal things. I think its interesting to see what people keep closest to them.

I also used this as a dating app ice breaker, and got an incredibly unexpected answer. I asked, and he initially didn’t want to tell me, which obviously made me even more intrigued, so I pushed. I genuinely don’t even know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t a vibrator. Which is what he said to me. I’m not one to judge for owning sex toys, but it did take me by surprise, considering we had just matched that day, so like he very much could have just lied about what was on his nightstand…

So now you’re probably wondering what’s on my nightstand, which is actually two book shelves shoved together, but shh.

  • A battery operated light
  • Two pairs of headphones – airpods and beats
  • cuticle clippers
  • A Water bottle
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Phone and apple watch charger (The Apple watch charger is in a Patriots stand that matches my PAtriots watch band)
  • A 3 wick Tobacco and Vanilla candle
  • a Meyers lemon candle

And then all of my books are on the shelves below, as well as my box of gel nail polish, and some other random shit that I didn’t have a home for.

So tell me, what’s on your nightstand? And why does how messy/clean it is sum up you as a person entirely.

3 thoughts on “IDC What Your Zodiac Sign Is, Tell Me What’s On Your Nightstand.

      1. Well, a few weeks prior, the Trump DHS were confiscating the phones of American citizens returning from overseas on a whim. Not that I had anything to hide, but who knows what was on it. So I got a prepaid phone compatible with the NZ network.


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