My Top Five Tom Brady Moments

What’s up guys, I’m a sports writer now.

Did you see my tweets saying I didn’t want him to beat the Packers? Or my tweets saying I was mad at him and hated him? Mind ya business. I was rooting HARD for the Bills, but then it became abundantly clear that the Chiefs were owning that came. Arrowhead is tough, and Mahomes is tougher. So the second the Bills lost, I flipped right back to rooting for Tom.

Thomas Edward Brady. The Greatest of All Time. In his tenth fucking Super Bowl. I mean, that’s CRAZY. Tom Brady has a greater chance of making the Super Bowl than you have of flipping heads versus tails. Heads versus fucking tails. He’s made the Super Bowl in over half the seasons he’s been a starter. I mean. What. The Fuck. I’ve been so flip floppy in my feelings towards Brady this season. When he first left, announced on St Patricks Day during a global pandemic when I couldn’t even go out and drink my pain away, I hated him. I was in denial, I was pissed, I refused to watch. But at the end of the day, Tom Brady was my quarterback. And I love him.

Inspired by todays episode of KFC radio, here are my top 5 favorite Tom Brady moments.

5. The OG Bad Boys for Life Video

This video gets me fucking GOING. I can’t watch this video without getting so incredibly hyped up, it’s absurd. People doubted him all season, and boom, he took out the QB protege, and sailed his way into yet another AFC Championship win. If I’m being honest, seeing the remake after the NFC Championship game was what got me back on the Brady train. The cocky smiles, the strut. It’s fucking incredible. How can you not be cocky when you’re doing the shit that TB12 does.

4. The Goat Photoshoot

Tom Brady + baby goat | Tom brady, Tom brady goat, Goats

Is this the greatest photoshoot of all time? Fucking probably. Is it also the worst? Also probably. If anyone else in the NFL did this, if any other celebrity did this, it would turn into a disaster of a meme. But Tom Brady lived up to the hype and its a photo that we get to use in a serious manner. What more could you ask for?

3. The Draft Picture

15th Anniversary of the Patriots Drafting Tom Brady in the 6th Round |  Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

I mean, this just aged so beautifully. 199 baby. He looks like the biggest fucking scrub in this picture. No one ever could have imagined what that guy would turn into. He’s always had a chip on his shoulder, and he’s always had something to prove. At the beginning it was if he could do it at all. Then it turned into if he could do it again. Now it’s if he can keep going. And turns out, he fucking can. System quarterback my ass.

2. 28-3

New England Patriots on Twitter: "We have a new appreciation for 3/28. And  it's #TomTuesday!… "

Holy fucking shit. This moment will live forever in my mind. I cannot wait to show my kids and my grandkids this game. I wish I could explain my thoughts and feelings that I had during this game. Oh wait. I have the perfect picture to explain it:

This photo says it all. I then later have a photo of my friend holding up my Edelman jersey in front of me throwing up because I drank so much to celebrate. So. Yeah. This moment was fucking iconic. As stressed out as I was, I still knew it wasn’t over. My senior year of High School, my cousins, uncle and I went to the Broncos v Pats game at Gillette where the Patriots were down by 24 fucking points. We showed up late to the game and Von Miller had already scored on a fumble recovery. But the Pats went on to win in overtime. it was one of my favorite Patriots moments of all time and I think about it so frequently.

1. The Shields MRI Commercial

LETS. FUCKING. GO. I remember absolutely losing my fucking mind after this commercial aired with the 5th ring. What a fucking FLEX. And the “Roger That” Oh my god. Put it on my fucking TOMBSTONE. The only thing that could’ve made this better would have been if he had on the god damn clown shirt on. I feel like I’m ready to fucking rumble after whatching this video now. Oh my god I love this man so fucking much please come back for the love of fucking GOD.

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