Another Reason to Get A Money Gun: Money Gun Photoshoot.

I’ve had the money gun for a little over 24 hours at this point and I cannot express how much joy this thing brings me. Everyone I’ve let use it has had a blast with it, and even the clean up isn’t terrible, when you do it in a contained area (contained area meaning one room of your house).

But what I’ve decided is one of the best perks are the fucking photo options.

This picture is ridiculous and absurd and I love it so damn much. Shocked I didn’t show any nip while taking these pics, I was really feeling myself and that body suit was holding on for dear fucking life.

Again, cute as fucking shit! Do I care that you can see my back rolls? Nope. I wore a backless bodysuit and I’m fat, I can’t really expect anything less. I look happy and carefree and fucking FABULOUS, and there is money falling from the sky. It doesn’t get much better than that honestly. So I’m telling you, go to Target, buy a money gun. You will not regret it.

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