The Exact Moment Link Larkin From Hairspray First Thought ‘Wow I Like Fat Girls’

It should come as no shock that Hairspray is one of my favorite movies/musicals. It’s about a fat girl who just wants to dance, there’s a romance, and it’s about black kids wanting to dance and be normal, um sign me the fuck up. Also the songs fucking bop.

In the movie it is abundantly fucking clear the moment Link Larkin first realizes he likes fat girls, and let me tell you it’s a wonderful moment.

At 2:18, Link and whoever this other kid is, stumble upon the detention room where Tracy, Seaweed, and the other kids are all moving and grooving, and Tracy is giving it her ALL. It zooms in on Tracy slapping her ass and shaking it, and the camera cuts to Link who is literally giving her the up and down and licking his fucking lips. Like. You’re JOKING.

This mans really was just like damn I like what I see and I want MORE. It’s so clear and obvious that this is the first moment that Link actually notices Tracy, and it’s one of my favorite scenes, because it’s A) hysterical and B) what I wouldn’t give to have Zac Efron look at me like that…

Fast forward to when Link is singing Ladies Choice (a song which is not sung by Link in the Broadway Musical, but we needed more Zac airtime so it’s allowed), and he is googly eyed and flirting with Tracy on television in front of his girlfriend (who he literally just pinned) and his girlfriends mom, who practically owns his career.

He is losing his fucking mind over Tracy during this song and it’s so apparent and so ridiculous and I love every single fucking second of it. It legitimately gave me hope as a child that I too could snag the hot guy, even if I was fat.

Woo baby, Zac Efron as Link really just does something for me, god I love him and this movie so fucking much.

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